training programs

   Everyone learns differently and the key to successful learning is personalized instruction. By assessing your individual needs and skills, I am able to tailor a comprehensive training program to meet your unique specifications.  Typically, the training program is divided into three areas: Boat & Systems Familiarization, Coastal & Offshore Passage Making, and Maintenance Training.  

Boat and Systems Familiarization

   The optimal place to learn the systems critical to your needs is on your boat and with your equipment.  We will identify and operate/deploy each piece of equipment and/or gear on your boat to ensure your familiarization with every aspect of your Nordhavn's workings.  Included will be: 

  •     Electrical systems and management
  •     Mechanical systems
  •     Fuel system management
  •     Water and waste management
  •     Electronic navigation systems operation
  •     Boat handling/thruster limitations
  •     Identification of fuses, breakers and valves
  •     Stabilizer settings and usage
  •     Battery capacity management
  •     Launching and retrieving the boat’s tender/launch
  •     Checklists: pre-underway and shut down   

      The Nordhavn Owner's Manual is one of the best in the industry, but we will go further to understand the major components of your yacht and how they interface with other systems onboard. You will also be shown what to look for when inspecting your boat’s systems, little signs that are indicators of potential future equipment failures before they become major issues. A comprehensive understanding of your boat’s various systems will provide peace of mind as you begin your travels.

Coastal & Offshore Passage Making

   Once you are comfortable with the systems of your Nordhavn, it's time to plan for passage making -- whether your cruising plans include short coastal hops or longer multi day and night offshore passages.  We will begin with a broad overview of topics including:

  •     Reading and understanding charts
  •     Use of Chart #1
  •     Latitude and longitude basics
  •     Buoyage
  •     Sound signals for boat operations
  •     Rules of the Road
  •     Tides and currents
  •     Anchoring theory and teamwork
  •     Logs and log keeping
  •     VHF radio communications
  •     Weather planning sources
  •     Foreign port requirements for entry/exit
  •     Marlinspike Seamanship (proper tying of knots and lines) 

  Additionally, I will work with you and your mate on effective communications while docking, anchoring, or picking up moorings. We will also review watch standing scheduling choices as well as underway provisioning, particularly for an offshore passage, both of which are very important and should be thoroughly planned.  From meal planning to proper clothing to spare parts -- every aspect is important to safe and comfortable passage making.

Maintenance Training

   Even if you intend to have professionals normally service your boat, it is to your advantage to understand how to perform basic maintenance procedures. Along with how to perform basic maintenance, you’ll learn little tricks and tips, not in the owner’s manuals/book. We will discuss the proper tools to have aboard, maintenance scheduling and how often to perform the various maintenance actions on your Nordhavn to keep it in top mechanical shape and reduce downtime. It is not my goal to turn anyone into an expert mechanic overnight, it is just how to gain confidence, as well as save time and money, by performing basic and preventative maintenance on your Nordhavn. 

   If your Nordhavn is equipped with the web based Wheelhouse Technologies/Sea Kits maintenance program, I am an authorized service partner and can show you how to update it, use it, or if necessary start the entire system up and get it fully operational.