In addition to worldwide personalized training, I also offer a variety of services to further complete your Nordhavn yachting experience.

Commissioning and Outfitting Service

For New Nordhavn Yachts:

   Your yacht has been built and commissioned by one of the finest boat building companies in the world, but there is still important work to be done before setting out on your first voyage. Just as a new home still requires furniture, dishes etc., your new Nordhavn will not be fully ready to go to sea after commissioning. Through years of experience, I have developed a comprehensive 8 page "Outfitting and Commissioning Guide" to assist in the timely completion of this process.  While each owner and each boat have unique needs, the guide covers a wide range of items from anchor snubbers and invaluable communication aids such as crew communication radios, to safety gear, spare parts and just about everything in between.    

  Proper and thorough outfitting can save money and valuable time while ensuring a safe and worry-free passage.

For Pre-owned Nordhavn Yachts:

   Although your boat has been tested and proven, your travel plans may differ from the previous owner, necessitating additional or alternate parts and spares.  The same comprehensive 8 page "Outfitting and Commissioning Guide" can first be used as a check list to ensure all the proper gear and spares are aboard and then used to facilitate the selection and purchase of additional equipment specific to your needs without duplicating items already on board. 

Insurance Training Requirements

   On more than one occasion, I have been asked to submit a Letter of Completed Training and Proficiency to an insurance company attesting to a new owner's level of knowledge after a training session. This is especially true if you are new to boating or moving up substantially in size. If this is the reason you require training, I will submit my captain’s papers to your insurance company for approval.

Delivery Service

   I am uniquely qualified to deliver your Nordhavn yacht to the destination of your choice -- domestic or international.   My familiarity with electronic, mechanical and navigational systems specific to Nordhavn yachts will save you time and money as I come aboard with the background and experience to get underway immediately. 

   You may choose to take advantage of the delivery to expand your skill set by accompanying me on the passage.  I enjoy having clients aboard.  Every moment underway can be a learning experience with opportunities for the owner to ask questions, see equipment in operation first hand, or serve as a refresher course for previously acquired knowledge. 

   If you choose not to participate in the passage, I require only a letter of authorization and appropriate insurance documentation.  At the completion of the delivery, I will present a detailed, written account of expenses to the owner.